CD3003 Tan Leather with 3" Gold Plated Flare Heel in the photo
CD3003 Tan Leather with 3" Gold Plated Flare Heel in the photo

CD3003 Tan Leather

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Very Fine Dance Shoes Competitive Dancer Series: Style CD3003 Tan Leather
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* Quick release buckling (buckle & clip/hook)
* Suede Sole
* Professional line made by Very Fine Dancesport designed for professional competitors and dancers.
* Non-slip insole made with certified nano-fiber that deodorizes the shoes after long hours of dancing.
* Extra padded footbed using latest memory padding technology provides both comfort and long lasting.
* Extra thick memory padding designed to absorb shock and provides strong resistance against high pressure and pad deformation. It lasts average 10 times longer than other major brands.
* Professional ultra soft suede outer sole makes it ultra light.
* Rhodium plated heel.

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